Goodbye dining room, Hello play room!

Before Christmas, we decided that we needed a little more space for Miss P’s toys.

When we first moved into our house back in 2012, we had moved from a one bedroom flat to a three bedroom house. We thought it would take a while to fill the house with furniture but after getting the keys and moving in, we didn’t realise how much furniture we had!

So at the end of 2017, we decided that we no longer needed the large 8 seater extending table we had taking up most of the dining room and the computer desk. We decided that instead, we’d re-decorate the room and make it more of a playroom for Miss P (with a smaller dining table eventually! At the age of 20 months…she certainly has a lot of toys!


So we started stripping out the dining room and decided to remove the old wooden built in cabinets that we’d be storing our books and DVD’s in since we’d first moved in. We certainly made some interesting discoveries from the previous owners…lovely lime green wall paper and the old carpet was still under the cabinets, dark green and rather patterned – it must have been from years ago!


When we first moved in, we had two plug sockets in the room. The people before us had left a very long extension lead going from one, over the door and round to the other door and we knew it wasn’t the best. So we decided whilst re-decorating the room, we’d also get some new sockets installed. We used DS Booth Electrical as we had used David previously and he had done a great job on previous work. What we hadn’t expected though was that as he was doing the work, he found that the plaster on the walls in the room was damp. My heart sank a little as all I could think was…this is going to cost a fortune!

I did some searching via and we found a couple of companies but ended up using Three Counties Damp and Groundwork. Dave the owner came out, checked the walls and confirmed there was damp within all of the walls in the room and sent a quote a couple of days later.
20171109_115710Thankfully, it wasn’t quite as costly as I had first expected and we decided to go ahead. A couple of weeks later, Dave came out and started the work. He literally took all the plaster off to about half way up the wall on each side of the room. I had a bit of a shock when I walked in and saw it!

So once he re-plastered, we started papering – the fun of choosing wallpaper at B&Q and deciding on a plan for the re-design!


At the minute, the decoration is still ongoing and I’ll update you on further progress soon….meanwhile Miss P is blissfully unaware of all the work going on, other than some banging, crashing and having to visit B&Q with Mummy and Daddy. One of her new ‘excited expressions’ is “WOW”, especially after seeing so many Christmas lights everywhere recently. Who knew that even B&Q would keep Miss P ‘Wowed!’…

“The wow starts now“…!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye dining room, Hello play room!

  1. It’s scary how much stuff you accumulate once you have kids! My three have got so many toys and we’re like sardines in our house at the moment. Good luck with the ongoing project!

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